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3x1 Denim

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In May 2011 denim connoisseur and entrepreneur Scott Morrison, launched 3x1, the latest venture born out of his extensive knowledge and design experience. The name is derived from denim’s standard weaving construction, the 3x1 right hand twill (RHT). The ‘3’ in 3x1 also represents Morrison’s third founding

 of a jeans brand. His first two companies, Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn, were launched in 1999 and 2004, respectively.
Following the success of his first two brands, Morrison now delivers a manufacturing and retail environment that captures a one-of-a-kind, unique, experience even for the most discerning customer. Based in Manhattan’s SOHO District, 3x1 is both a flagship store and factory space, with a complete jean manufacturing facility at its center. Never before has a concept married the production process within its own retail store and by doing so, 3x1 offers an unprecedented vantage point to experience every nuance of creating
exceptional denim.

3x1’s wholesale offering of men and women’s denim products are considered limited edition.  This is one of many reasonsEmily Dees-Bouldenowner of SWANK, loves this line, because she was able to select the denim, wash and hardware from the most unique fabric assortment curated from around the world, with as many as 70+ selvedge and 50+ non-selvedge varieties. There are also over 40 varieties of denim, chambrays and twills specific to women.

 Emily Dees-Boulden, participated in the customization process and developed a unique product assortment specifically for her store SWANK and her clientele. "Being able to carry 3x1 at SWANK is truly an honor to me, because I know it will be the next biggest jean line out there, and I am happy to say I was one of the first boutiques carrying it.  I chose 2 of my favorite fits and did them in stretch white denim with all white hardware, of course.  I am an ALL WHITE kind of girl-from fashion to furniture!" said Boulden.
“People love to learn how things are made; there’s always something magical about seeing the process itself. And perhaps it’s a sign of the times, but the thought that most resonates with me today is one of value, uniqueness and transparency.” - Scott Morrison. 


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