Marcia Moran

Marcia Moran is the owner and founder of Marcia Moran jewelry designs. She began importing Brazilian Jewelry from different local Brazilian designers and later became the designer of some pieces of her own new jewelry collection. 

Marcia Moran's  eye-catching, contemporary jewelry is made of either brushed 18kt gold- or rhodium-plated metals, and stunning semi-precious stones. As a bridge between the spectacular resources of Brazil and the world of fashionable women who enjoy extraordinary pieces, Marcia's Jewelry helps women look fabulous, but not fancy...feel rich, yet reasonable... dress spectacularly, yet still simple. 

Marcia Moran earrings are the earrings that Emily Dees Boulden, owner of Swank, wears everyday.  Being a fashionista, Emily has been asked many times why she wears same earrings the majority of the time.  Emily says, "They are so light, comfortable, and they put on a good show"!

Marcia Moran

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